The easiest on-the-go cannabis product.  Just grab and go!  
At Dancing Turtle Greenery we carry a wide variety of both infused and non infused preroll product across many different sizes for every type of smoker out there.
Prerolls being manufactured

Infused vs. Non-Infused Prerolls


Infused Prerolls are prerolls that are infused with any type of cannabis concentrates. Whether infused with a liquid concentrate or rolled in kief.


Non-Infused Preroll are prerolls that only consist of flower or shake, rolled and packed into a cone shape or a straight tube shape.  Both types of prerolls come in many sizes.  At Dancing Turtle we offer:

Custom Infused & Non-Infused Preroll Services

Whether you need prerolls for your brand or you have an event or party,  We have solutions tailored for you.
At Dancing Turtle Greenery we use state of the art technology to manufacture Infused and Non-Infused Prerolls.  We have gone through hours of extensive training to perfect our products so you do not have to.  With our all inclusive Custom Preroll Services, we take care of the manufacturing and design.  You just pick your products and we do the rest!

Step 1

Select your quantity and size(s)

Step 2

Select your Flower & Concentrate (if infusing)

Step 3

Talk with our design team, to develop custom branding and packaging needs.
Interested in moving forward with a Custom Preroll Solutions? Send our team an email today:

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