What are Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are the most desirable parts of the plant extracted into a more purer product.  These varieties of come in many forms, the most popular ones are; hash, rosin, shatter, wax, resin, diamonds and more.  Concentrates can range anywhere from hashish ~25% to THCA Diamonds to 99.9%. 

Cannabis Concentrate Forms


Kief is the most basic form of a cannabis concentrate.  Whether you get it from the bottom of your grinder or you rub you buds over a silk screen.  Kief is pure & clean collection of loose trichomes


Similar to Kief, Hashish is made from loost trichromes sifted out and then compressed with or without heat to form a ball, brick, or slab. Resulting in a more potent end product.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash (or Ice Water Hash) refers to a type of hash that is made from extracting the trichomes with Ice water.  Bubble hash gets its name because when its smoked, it bubbles.  Bubble hash can be one of the most purest solvent-less concentrate next to hash rosin.


Rosin (Flower Rosin, Hash Rosin, Live Rosin) is a cannabis extract made using alot of pressure and heat, pressing out the oils of cannabis compounds, from cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids.  Giving you an end product that is the cleanest, more pure and terpy than any other concentrate.

Badder / Wax

Badder or Wax is a cannabis concentrate that has a unique consistency that is neither a liquid nor solid, but something like a soft waxy or peanut butter consistency. Badder or wax can be consumed by taking dabs, vaping, or putting on a joint our bowl. This type of concentrate is usually between 60 – 80% THC making it one of the highest cannabis concentrates.


Shatter is a concentrate that name comes from its glass like consistency that tends to shatter or crack when its bent or broken.  Usually it has an amber gold like color to it.  Just like badder or wax, this concentrate usually between 60-80% THC.

THCA Diamonds

THC-A Diamonds has an extremely high THC content that is typically between 70-99%!.  Diamonds are extracted using a solvent that helps extract the purest THC oils in a plant.  The end result is a solventfree diamond like product that will either contain a HTFSE (the sauce) or you will just have the pure diamonds themselves.


Distillate is a very viscous yellow golden liquid extracted from the plant to isolate the THC by itself.  Distillate is commonly found in vapes, or edibles. But you can use it to infuse your blunts, joints, or bowls by mixing it in, or painting it on the exterior making a super potent product.


RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is a dark greenish black cannabis oil product developed by Rick Simpson. Unlike distillate, RSO contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from the cannabis plant.  RSO was created to be used as alternate medicine for cancer, severe pain, epilepsy and other chronic heath conditions.

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